the girl who waited.

Mannequin !WhpI/nm0h. My real name is Maille. 21. irish folk is my jam. Philadelphia. USA. Jeweler and Horologist in training. Coffee. Word up.

I have an interview in a couple of weeks to be a jewellers apprentice.

This is literally a dream come true. Wish me luck!

POZ Interview: NGHBRS →



PropertyOfZack Staff Writer Ali Killian sat down with NGHBRS at SXSW a month ago. We chatted with the band about SXSW, a year since Twenty One Rooms, their very neat Instagram-based music video, new music, and more. Check out the interview below!
by Ali Killian,...

Everyone read my friend Ali’s interview. She’s awesome and so is NGHBRS!


Clint is aiming for having the Biggest Littlest Pet Shop.

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I straightened my hair for the first time since Christmas yesterday. I missed having a straightener.


I Love How You Love Me-Neutral Milk Hotel

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Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper in Love in the Afternoon, c. 1957

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Victorian homes

The neighborhood where my last apartment was is known for its nice, fancy Victorian homes. I miss biking/boarding/walking around there in the spring/summer :(

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